strength to live

Scott Peck started out “A Road Less Traveled” with these true words, “Life is hard.” It doesn’t take very long to know the veracity of that statement. We watch many friends and family struggle through life at points. It can be so painful to see it played out.
The question becomes how do we deal with it. How do we endure these painful life situations?
Second  Corinthians chapter one gives three places where we gain strength to persevere.
First we can do it through the Father. Verses 3 & 4 say, “…the God of all comfort, who comforts in all our troubles.” The Father has ALL the comfort. He has the storehouse of solace. He comforts us in ALL troubles. He doesn’t miss one of our difficulties.
Second we are strengthened because of our standing in Christ. Verse 21 says, “Now it is God who make us both us and you stand firm in Christ.” We need a firm standing in life. We have it in Christ.
Third we can endure because of our faith. Verse 24 says, “…because it is by faith you stand firm.” The gift of faith that we received at the start of our journey sustains us. Faith is the shield of our armor. Eph6. Without faith we cannot please the Lord. Heb11:6. It is our faith in God alone that helps us walk through life’s difficulties.
One last reminder from this chapter. The comfort, the strength we receive is not to be horded. What we receive we must give to others. God has walked you through many things. As he does that we are give the comfort, the love, the strength to those around us.
Have you gotten anything from the Lord today or recently? Think of the big and little mercies he has shown to you. It is those things that you are to give to your neighbor.

One Response to “strength to live”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    The Lord will nudge us to spend time with him; when I listen and receive nuggets…I usually like to share with my wife or someone else. The reality is that her time with the Lord may not be at the same time…just as I may be busy with something when she receives her nuggets, so it’s difficult to synchronize things like that. So, e-mail and this blog is a great way to share what God has for us that day…
    The Corinthians were much like today’s society in America…immoral and easily swayed by people and things. Many Corinthians took the easy road of listening to people and opinions rather than growing our gift of faith by spending quiet time with Jesus. I’m preaching to myself here, reminding myself to dig in daily…

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