nt reading for week of july 31st.

Two weeks ago we did an experiment as we read. We wrote down two things. A verse that impacted us in our reading and a sentence what it said to us. One Verse, One Sentence. The process of writing down a few thought is journaling. Don’t be overwhelmed with the idea of writing reams of your thoughts down. A simple tracking of what is impacts us most benefits our soul in good ways.

Here’s a different way I’ll be looking at my reading this week. I ran into this on the site of the Navigators. It is an acronym that give us five categories of insights we will find in Scripture called S-P-E-C-K. As you read look for:

  • Sin to avoid
  • Promise to claim
  • Example to follow
  • Command to obey
  • Knowledge of God to apply or praise
Give this way to study the Bible a whirl this week. You don’t have to find all three. Just find at least one. Here’s our reading for this week.

on august 1st read chapter 13

on august 2nd read chapter 14

on august 3rd read chapter 15

on august 4th read chapter 16

on august 5th read chapter 17

6 Responses to “nt reading for week of july 31st.”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Chapter 13—My prayer is that my soul stays “fertile ground” so I can receive and understand Christ’s teachings which produces lots for fruit !

  2. Tim Rich says:

    Chapter 14—Jesus was hurting over hearing about the death of his cousin John the Baptist; but still had compassion for the people. He spent most of the day healing their sick and feeding over 5,000….Jesus is our example to follow (the “E” in SPECK).

    • Dane says:

      ooh I like that Tim!

      My “S” in SPECK …13.22 “watch out for the worries of life and deceitfulness of wealth.”

      I also found an “E” ….13:46 “When he had found the one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.” Wow I must be sold out completely to Jesus and his Kingdom.

    • Dane says:

      Here’s my “knowledge” insight I got this morning from Matthew 17. So many of the examples in this chapter missed the spiritual insight or metaphor. Peter wanted to build huts to stay on the mount. The disciples did not understand that Elijah or John the Baptist had already come. The disciples didn’t believe and therefore couldn’t heal the boy. Peter didn’t understand that the family (Jesus is the son of God ) doesn’t pay taxes to the temple.
      We must see things with God’s eyes learn to see it spiritually.

  3. Dane says:

    I pulled away a “K”, an “S” and an “E” today.

    Knowledge of God. …v4 Honoring our father and mother is more than respect. We should help in many ways including financial.
    Sin to Avoid. …v8 This people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are from me.
    Example to Follow. …v28 What great faith the Canaanite woman had!

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