NT reading for August 7th

Here’s what we’ll be reading this week. It contains one of the most important sections for churches ….Matthew 18. This whole chapter has much to say about forgiveness. See how many things you can in that chapter about conflict resolution.

Monday the 8th – Matt 18.
Tuesday – Matt 19
Wednesday – Matt 20
Thursday – Matt 21
Friday – Matt 22

2 Responses to “NT reading for August 7th”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Jesus says we’re to be converted and become as little children. I was thinking how teachable, genuine and open children are before the world’s corruption begins to influence us…something to think about…

  2. Dane says:

    Mt 20 …The Big Theme: What a Disciple Does.

    A Disciple …

    + is ok with perceived inequality when it comes to God’s generosity. see v1-16

    + won’t grab for power positions like the son’s of Zebedee. see v20-23

    + will be great by being a servant. see v 24-28

    + will live the life of the cross daily. see v17-19

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