NT reading for week of Sept 18th

I really enjoyed 1 John last week. Coming off the previous week in Hebrews where we saw the tough passage in chapter six whether we can lose our salvation. 1 John has some interesting things to say about the perseverance of the saints and that those who belong to God will live obedient lives ( see 2:19,  3:6, 9, 5:4, 18).

This week on Monday we read 3 John 1. Tuesday we read James 1. Wednesday read James 2. Thursday read James three. Friday read James four.

4 Responses to “NT reading for week of Sept 18th”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Just returned from a nice vacation in NC…3 John mentions Gaius; is this the same Gaius that Paul mentions from Corinth? People were testifying that he walked in truth. That’s a good thing to have people say about us too…

    • Dane says:

      I like 3Jn from the standpoint of what was good about the early church and what was bad. Gaius did it right. He was following after God. He was obedient. He was helpful to the gospel by being hospitable.

      Diotrephes was hurting the church. He was competitive and gossipy.

      It is a great reminder that the has always had its difficulties.

      • Dane says:

        James 3:13-15 have very tough words for us. If we have bitter envy or selfish ambition those are wisdom that comes from demonic forces. Hurting the unity is not just a “human” thing. Satan himself desires to use that to hurt the body. Let us be warned when we have feelings of envy, jealousy or want look better than others those thought are demonic.
        May the Lord renew our minds so that we are peace loving, kind, considerate.

  2. Tim Rich says:

    Control the tongue and we probably have control over our whole being…the sins generated by our words will defile our whole person before God. Our Lord gives us great wisdom in James about our conversation, and in chapter 4 He shows us how to receive from God…submit ourselves with humility as children.

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