A powerful four letter word.

So much is said in James chapter one about a source of power available to us. It only has a few letters. As I was reading this morning I was impressed by what this section of scripture says about the ” word.”
We are told in verse 18 that it is the Word if truth. Therefore there is non-truth out there. Let us be warned. This word this the agent of our salvation as we see in that verse.
This very thought is again repeated in verse 21.
This word is also capable of blessing us. We are spiritually nourished by the Bible. We find joy, wholeness and contentment through what God has written down for us.
But here’s where this conditional. There is something for us to do. There are four things to be exact. Can you see them starting in verse 25. First, we must look intently into the word. This demands our entire focus. This isn’t a quick cursory reading. It is gazing, slowly consdering the words. This is hard. We get lazy or tired. Second, we need to continue in it. I am amazed how quickly I forget even a powerful time around the Bible. By 11am there are days I can’t remember what was so significant in the morning. This continuing isn’t just a daily thing we must remain at this digging into God’s words …throughout the day, the week, the month, year and lifetime. Staying grounded and meditative in the word requires much on our part. Third, we can’t forget what we’ve heard. So much of the Old Testament repeats this admonition, “Do not forget.” Do a search and you’ll find it numerous times. Fourth, do it, obey it. It is deception to simply hear the word. We must put it into practice.
When we do all four we are blessed. And that is a powerful place. Enjoy His Word today.


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