NT reading for week of Oct 9th

Monday is a wild card day. Read anything you want on Monday.

This week I’ll be practicing S-P-E-C-K. It is a great acronym to help us to observe more from the text we are reading.

Look for…
S a sin to avoid,
P a promise to hold on to,
E an example to follow,
C a command to keep, and
K knowledge of God to onset.

Monday the 10th pick a favorite passage.
Tuesday the 11th read 1Tim 2.
Wednesday the 12th read 1Tim 3.
Thursday the 13th read 1Tim 4.
Friday the 14th read 1Tim 5.

Here’s Monday mornings SPECK.
S…don’t teach false doctrine. v3
P…we receive eternal life because of our faith.
E…Paul was willing to share his weakness and that he was horrible.
C…tell others not to teach false doctrine. v18
K…God pours out his grace along with faith and love to us! v14


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