NT reading for week of Oct 23rd.

Let’s read. Let’s see what God says.

Titus 1 on Monday, Titus 2 on Tuesday, Titus 3 on Wednesday, 1Peter 1 on Thursday, 1Peter 2 on Friday.

One Response to “NT reading for week of Oct 23rd.”
  1. Dane says:

    Titus 1

    As leaders of the church we must get over the fact that we will have to correct people. I saw this truth pop in the Titus 1 text and also in 2 Tim 4. In verse nine we are told to, “Hold firm to the message to the trustworthy message, SO THAT –> we encourage by sound doctrine and we correct those speak against it.” We also this pushed in 2Tim 4:2, “Preach the word in season and out of season, …correct, rebuke and encourage.”

    These hard words to others must be said at times. This is where courage and wisdom must be applied in our leadership. Each of us no matter where we serve will have to do this.

    Let’s not lose our courage as we speak the truth to others.

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