7 Billion …who cares

Sometime this month, we could already be there, the world population will reach 7 Billion. That is a massive number. Much

World population curve. A log scale is used fo...

We are at 7 BILLION

of this growth has happened in the last 100 years.

What do we do with that number? It doesn’t seem to effect us individually. In fact, around here it looks like there is less of us every year.

It does have important implications for us. We are all well aware of what a strain that puts on resources and our ability around the globe to meet the demand. Oil, food, shelter, water, space all these we have been preached about in all our media venues. TV, web, radio, print all this chant the doomsday senarios. I believe they are a very real problem.

There is a greater issue for us who follow Christ. How do we reach out with Christ’s gospel to this explosion of human growth? This is our call to reach everyone as Matthew 28:19-20 implores. We are called to move out with Christ’s truth, so all can love him.

But we are losing ground. Stats tell us that there are about 2.2 billion Christians. That’s a great thing. We are the largest of all world religions. Yet the growth in Christianity is no way keeping pace. What we are doing now needs drastic acceleration and strengthening. Billions ..billions have no idea who Jesus is.

The very cool thing is that God still can do it. Nice of me to say. He can still use us today. In little ways and big ways we can make an impact. In quiet ways we can impact those around us, in our household, in our neighborhood and beyond. It was …in Jesus method. Impact a few deeply. Send them out to impact more. Continue the process.

The keys are that we must own that process of disciple-making AND then continue to get better at passing on what we know.

Yesterday I read 2Timothy 2. It has a lot for us to integrate. Things we must do to have a big impact.

Pass on what you know.

“What you heard me say entrust to others who’ll do the same.” This is what Dawson Trotman of The Navigators talked about in his ministry. We must not only pass on to spiritual babes. We must pass on to quality people who will continue that crucial step. Sad thing is that most people never even get to the first generation discipleship. Some don’t even disciple themselves!

Why do people not get involved in discipleship? There are seven billion options. David Platt in his book Radical says that we are either “Receivers or Reproducers.” A receiver keeps what they have. A reproducer takes what they learn and passes it on to others. Platt says we all have a default setting. That setting is on being a receiver. That hurts our disipleship and therefore reaching out to the billions. If we learn to be reproducers and generational disciplers. We will be a strong tool in God’s hand.

The form of HOW we disciple others is not the issue. The point is get involved right where God has planted you. Whether ABFs, small groups, missional grps, Sunday School, life2life, mentoring we must to it better than ever. Everyone has a circle of influence and we can and must disciple better than ever. Two millions Chritians could become four billion over night if we each do it. Sadly most believers simply yawn at being a learner.

Seven Billion are counting on you and me to do it with excellence. Oh and Jesus really wants you and me to join in.


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