NT reading for week of Oct 30

Read this!

Monday 1Peter 3
Tuesday 1Peter 4
Wednesday 1Peter 5
Thursday 2Peter 1
Friday 2 Peter 2

2 Responses to “NT reading for week of Oct 30”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Chapter 3 is chocked full of nuggets; starting with instruction on how to win our loved ones to Christ with our Holy conversation and clean living. Verses 19-21 are Peter’s account of Jesus going into Hell preaching of His redeeming blood to those that died in Noah’s day…they had no Bible, and no knowledge of sacrificial offerings introduced to the Israelites after they died. Some may be in heaven today !

    • Dane says:

      That is interesting …in a chapter about reaching out with the gospel we have the section you highlighted. Jesus also was about telling others about himself and the good news. Thanks for making me aware of it.

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