60 second disciple-making test

This is a great little test that will speak volumes to you. In just a minute you’ll understand more about disciple-making than most do in a lifetime.

Here’s the test. You can download the test or simply do it on a piece of paper. Have a timer to mark your time. Set it 20 second increments. Then start writing.

Sixty Second Disciple

What did you find? What impacted you the most? How will this change your approach to helping other along spiritually? Take the poll below so we can see how everyone else has been impacted.

4 Responses to “60 second disciple-making test”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Hey Dane, I did the poll in my head…I definitely remember many sermons, people and experiences that have impacted me over the years. Take care, tim

    • Dane says:

      So which one do you think had the most?
      New job going well?

      • Tim Rich says:

        I would have to say that people have influenced me the most Tina, some preachers, friends, and of course my twin brother, Terry. New job is going quite well, I’m finishing my 3rd week with a trip to southern Ohio Thursday and Friday. Travel will increase after Thanksgiving, for sure…I’m going to visit some of the bigger accounts once I get more product and industry knowledge; don’t want to look like a slouch in the field…he he
        How is your job going? I’ve read your updates…things sound good, but also praying for you to have favor and influence with those able to assist in your ministry.

      • Dane says:

        Things r good with the Navs. I’m working with 7 churches. I am grateful for these initial conversations. We leave next week for a mtg with other staff. it’ll be great to meet the guys

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