NT reading for week of Nov 13th

This week we continue on in the book of Revelation.

Monday read Revelation 4

Tuesday read Revelation 5

Wednesday read Revelation 6

Thursday read Revelation 7

Friday read Revelation 8

One Response to “NT reading for week of Nov 13th”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Getting back to last week’s Rev. 1:3–Blessed is he that reads and hears the words of this prochecy, and keep those things which are written, for the time is at hand.
    In chapter 5–nobody was worthy to open the book with 7-seals except Jesus. Jesus was victorious on the cross over sin and death, and redeemed us by his shed blood. And, over 100 million angels were worshiping Jesus in John’s vision.
    In chapter 6–by my account the first 6 seals are opened during the tribulation period.
    In chapter 8–The opening of the 7th seal brings God’s judgments as the earth is being redeemed during the 2nd half of tribulation. Those that are on earth at this time will experience the woes.
    A fascinating study Dane, most preachers avoid Revelation, and yet we are blessed for reading the book…
    I’ve begun traveling quite a bit now, and a good part of my time is behind the wheel and windshield…God has blessed me to be able to take on this new challenge.

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