FINAL NT readings of the year!

Here’s our reading for this final week of December 25th. Let me know if you’ve finished it with us.

Monday the 26th read Mark 12

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Tuesday the 27th read Mark 13

Wednesday the 28th read Mark 14

Thursday the 29th read Mark 15

Friday the 30th read Mark 16!

You have finished the whole New Testament. Congrats! I’ll be starting something new this new year. Let me know if you’d like to join in with me.

2 Responses to “FINAL NT readings of the year!”
  1. Kyle says:

    I finished this plan and really enjoyed it. It was great to have a goal, structure and knowledge that others were doing the same thing. It kept me going when the days got tough. Let me know if you are doing a new plan. I am looking at some now also.

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