The best way to grow spiritually

What’s the best way to grow your faith? Many would say go serve or be in a position of leadership. Others might add spend time in solitude, away from people and noise. Some would encourage to get into a small group. The overachievers would push for a course at a seminary.

All these will help, but there is still one that we all need.

It isn’t costly or take much time. It can be done almost anywhere. The best way to grow? …read the Bible. Make this year a year that you begin to be consistent in reading from God’s Word.

I will be starting on the 15th a simple way to get through most of the New Testament. There are 160 days in this devotional. Each contain a section of a chapter in the NT which are printed out for each day. Of course, you can read the whole chapter or simply read about ten verses. Along with the verses this devotional contains a few things to consider about the text. It is a great way to recalibrate your soul to God’s truth.

The devotional is called : Solo. I can get you a copy or you can order one through Navpress (but I can get it cheaper for you).

Join me in the adventure of hearing God’s thoughts and desires for us today!
4 Responses to “The best way to grow spiritually”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Hi Dane, it’s been a while. Doing more traveling now, enjoy it for the most part though. Our small group is really becoming close knit and enjoying our study of the Bible. Very blessed for sure.
    Sorry I couldn’t send any money…we’re getting by, and waiting for an upsurge in blessings…ha

    God Bless, Tim

    • Dane says:

      Tim good to hear from you again. Why don’t you join me reading the NT with the SOLO devotional? Thanks for considering a gift, but I do understand there are times we can’t give. Join with us in prayer as I reach out to pastors. So far I’ve started working with ten churches in little and slightly bigger ways.

      Let’s grab coffee soon. It has been too long.

  2. Tim Rich says:

    Yes, it’s been a while…don’t hate me, but I’m leaving on a business trip to Florida on Sunday for the week. Maybe I can change that pasty look I’ve acquired this winter…ha.
    I’ve been feastng, and I mean feasting on my study of prayer. Have “CPR” in my thoughts…confession, praise and requests as I come boldly to the throne of grace. I’ve always been so into the WORD, and that’s good, but trying to balance that with more prayer time. All the windshield time has helped that immensely. Have always been praying for you and your new endeavor, in Christ. Coffee sometime sounds good.

    God Bless, Tim

  3. Dane says:

    Thanks Bro. Hey when you get back, shoot me a couple times that would work for coffee. Enjoy Florida. Get some sun!

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