Groups Coaching

Every church wants to build a strong groups ministry. Whether you do groups at home, at church or whether you call them small groups, community groups or ABFs does not matter. The keys to a solid groups ministry can be tough to keep in place. Small churches and large one struggle to consider, “How do we get more folks involved? How do know biblical truth is being taught? How can we make sure they are caring for everyone’s needs in their group?” These questions open other questions like, “What is the goal of a group? What is our target for a disciple?”

Discipleship is tough to tackle. It is not an urgent need, so it can get put at the bottom of the pile. For many churches it is just plain hard to begin to clarify what they want out of their groups ministry. The table top is too cluttered with items that simply must be done.

Dane can assist pastors and church leadership to clarify goals and help set a vision for a groups ministry that can have a greater impact on church life. You will begin to see effects the visible discipleship in groups and in the behind the scenes mentoring at your church.


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