Forgotten area of Church Discipleship, part 2

Speaking of things forgotten, I was on a run the other day and I thought, “I’ve forgotten something on my Discipleship Theatre diagram.” Yep much has been forgotten.

Before you read this post go back to look at my original post that explains my Discipleship Theatre diagram at this link. This picture has helped me to think through how we can impact powerfully throughout the church, using each asset available.

What needed to be added to the diagram was the circle and the arrows. These designate the influence of the church body beyond its present scope. As we live our godly lives where we work, live and play, we impact our world. The church’s mission is both in witness and service. Christ has called us to both. (see Acts 1:8 & Matt 25:37-40)

Many times we separate evangelism from discipleship. Sort of like “discipleship” is for followers of Christ and “evangelism” is for those outside faith in Christ. Can we do this? Are they separate? I think Jesus wants us to include evangelism and service in discipleship. Look at the Great Commission. Evangelism is not used in the Commission. Our telling others the gospel isn’t in Matt 28:17-20.We all know that this passage is about taking the truth of Christ to the world. The action words used are “make disciples.” Does not that tell us that evangelism in a part the larger idea, discipleship?

Personally, I know from experience how much these two witness and service have transformed me. In my college days in Young Life I know how much I grew because I was attempting to live my life of Christ before a bunch of high school students. It was hard, scary and purposeful. There were life lessons of working with a team and of drawing near to Christ. The Lord gave me verses to hold on to like Matt 4:19 and Isaiah 40:10. And there were students whose lives were forever changed by Jesus. All those impacted my life.

I can also remember a the seventh grade trip to North Carolina I made with my daughter Betsy. We were digging septic lines for a family. It was hot, hard work. We were exhausted. Yet at the end of the week when we made the connection to the house sewer lines we were ecstatic. What a victory for this family. Our whole trip learned so many lessons in discipleship. God was writing important things on our heart through the toil together.

So what does this all mean? Discipleship can happen in so many places. All these help mature our faith: pulpit, frontstage, backstage, witness and service. We must not forget the power of these last three. Many times in the normal everyday life we are more open to apprehending and implementing the issues Jesus wants to build in our lives.

…not believing the backstage or service have impacted more than any other? Do my sixty second discipleship test and see for yourself. Here’s the link.


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