Guaranteed Spiritual Growth

What are the things that gets us moving spiritually? What practices help you sense connection and movement towards God? Can we could find a way that would keeping us growing? We want a sense of intimacy with the Lord. We want his guidance. We want his help as we walk in this life. We desire to know what he wants us to do. So how can we stay close and mature further in Christ?

I recently ran into the REVEAL survey again. This is a survey that Willow Creek has put together that assesses how we grow spiritually. What intrigues me about it is one of its findings. This is the key to spiritual health.

“With the added insight that Bible engagement is the single most spiritually catalytic activity a person can engage in, this became one of our church’s most significant priorities.” p 275, MOVE, by Hawkins & Parkinson

Yes simple reading of the Bible on a daily basis is the starting place for transformation. That seems too simplistic. Yet the stats from REVEAL show that it was the key component at every stage of spiritual maturity. So if you’re looking into Christianity, read the Bible. If you’ve known Christ for a long time the habit that will spur you on to greater things will be your interaction with the Word.

We know this to be true from scripture.

Think of Isaiah 55. The rain that just watered my lawn and plants is making my grass grow, my basil flourish. That same truth will happen to our lives as God’s Word rains down on our souls. God’s good things are produced in our lives. Spiritual tomatoes and peppers are produced. Spiritual flowers bloom with godly beauty. This all happens because of taking the time to interact with his words. He has a purpose for each word for us!

So the simple question remains will we take the time to dive into the Bible? There are hundreds of ways to creatively do it. The wonderful opportunity is before us. Will I read and find God’s riches?

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