Pastoral Coaching

Discipleship is a complex endeavor to accomplish well. Church Discipleship Ministry of The Navigators helps pastors and churches consider how they can best build disciples in their context. Each church has unique opportunities to make disciples and hinderances to the process. It takes wise counsel to work through the obstacles to produce maturity. Additionally, because discipleship is not an urgent need, it gets pushed to the background in church life. Crisis, sickness, conflict, sermons, budgets are thrust forward on the church leadership. Building disciples remains under the stack of to dos. Yet it is an important need for each church. In fact, our commissioning as the Church is to build disciples.

Dane can assist pastors and churches in bringing clarity to the process of discipleship, formulating an individual plan for each particular congregation. His experience in a large church and in Young Life helps this process. It starts with getting to know the need and finding solutions that will maximize growth in individuals and continue that process throughout the church. This evaluation is a nice place to begin considering where this body of believers is at in the disciple-making business.


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