Forgetting Jesus?

I was recently in a coaching session with a pastor. Our discussion was about disciple-making principles we were learning through the workbook “The Ways of the Alongsider.” As a part of our meeting I was catching up with Pastor Jay about his life and ministry. He described his desire to not miss Christ in this season. Jay deeply wants to draw his family, his boys and daughter to Jesus. He wants his church to catch it too. This was a significant desire for Jay. He didn’t want miss Christ.
It caught me off guard. My mind had been racing with the many things I needed to accomplish: letters than needed to be written, goals submitted to my boss, training to finish, gifts to be purchased. I had a lot on my mind, but it wasn’t Jesus. This stopped me in my tracks. Advent, the Christmas season is about receiving and enjoying Christ. It is about slowing down to connect with him. Advent is us getting face to face with our Lord. (see Ps 27:8) I am grateful for the lesson Jay taught me that day: seek Jesus. “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”

Here’s a couple ideas that have helped me enjoy Christ this Advent.

  1. Advent wreath and devotional. Our family has always done this at dinner. We light the candles for each week of Advent and read the Bible passage. Helen and I have enjoyed the good discussions we’ve had around the candle and the biblical text. This year we’re connecting around Nancy Worth devotional. You can also find another one at this link or simply do a google search. I found 5 million hits. :^)
  2. The Gospels. Start in Mark and read a chapter a day. That will get you almost through the book by Christmas. It has been refreshing for me to hear and think about the accounts in Jesus’ life. There is so much there for us to consider. I’ve been making a daily list from each chapter on what I find out about Jesus. For example, on Chapter two, Jesus is …provocative …forces us to make a decision …powerful …in command …open to all sort of followers …merciful …able to see beyond externals …insightful …smart and can’t be outwitted …knowledgeable about the Bible way beyond our abilities. These are good ideas for me to ponder and ways to worship Him.

I want to come away from this Christmas season having a new experience of our Lord. “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” 2 Cor 9:5:15 NIV



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