Scotland Prayer Requests

I am so privileged to be asked to assist pastors and Young Life staff in the UK. This May I’ll spend 2015-04-24 15.53.43nine days running workshops and interacting with key leadership of the country. My daughter will be joining me too, which is a thrill to have her with me.

The big dream is that a new wave of generations of disciples and leaders would flow from our time together. Clearly no one is that good or skilled enough to pull that off.

Would you join me in praying for these things? May God do even greater things than we would consider!

Prayer Requests for May 8-17
  1. Pray for travel mercies for Kate and I. Pray for all our connections would be made.
  2. Pray Kate & I would be aware and sensitive to every conversation we have. That we would encourage and strengthen each person.
  3. Pray that the leadership in YL staff would be raising up new leadership for the future of The Church in the UK. We will be helping them understand the relational and spiritual dynamics that build disciples. We meet the 14th through the 16th.
  4. Pray the pastors that I interact with would be able to use the material I will be leading them in. We meet in two different cities in Scotland on Monday the 12th & Tuesday the 13th.
  5. Pray for the follow up with a few pastors and YL staff over the next six months. We will be asking a few YL staff to walk through the material the rest of the year. I am praying that a few pastors will also want to integrate these principles deeply into their lives.
  6. Pray for the long-term impact of this trip that it would go way beyond anything Kate and I could accomplish. Pray God would get the glory and that more people in the UK would live out the Great Commission powerfully.

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