I was taught in Edinburgh

I learned something last night. I’ve been pronouncing the word “Edinburgh” incorrectly. One street over from my house is EdinBURGH. I pronounce it as two syllables. But here in Scotland it’s three. …Edin-bu-rrah. That was just was the first thing I learned.
So last night I ran another workshop on disciplemaking. We had a great turn out of leaders and pastors from three churches. Katie and I were impressed how everyone was taking notes. We also noted that there some very skilled folks involved in mentoring.
We spent time talking about the difference between discipleship and disciplemaking. We also walked through the three levels of discipleship …disciple yourself….disciple others ….disciple generations. We focused on “what” a disciple is and “how” do you make one.
We had great discussion and great laughs together.


One of my questions was, “What verse has spoken to you about discipleship? ” We got interesting answers and reasons why these verses had spoken to them. Carole said, “Ps 23 because it talks about life issues.”
Then Ross who had dreadlocks said and this is what I learned, “John 14:34-35…love one another …if you love one another they will know you are my disciples.” I was reminded that the mark of a disciple is how well we love. I realized that I have long way to myself. Who loves as Jesus modeled as desires? ? I’m grateful for Ross’ reminder of where I need to push on in my own discipleship.



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