Perth workshop

Last night was our pastors and lay leaders workshop on disciplemaking. About 25 men and women joined us at Blend Coffee Shop in Perth. There were a few surprising things.


First, there were in attendance some fantastic disciplers. It was so fun to have them share and add to the experience. Their wisdom added to the learning. Sundeep was grateful to have the guys he’s mentoring hear some of the same things he’s been telling them from someone else.
Another very good thing was that a number of younger believers came. Brian met Christ a couple years ago. His daughter had come to faith and she began pulling him to church. So the last years he’s been slowly maturing his faith. Now he’s sensing the Lord pushing him to begin thinking of discipling others. God used a speaker at the Sunday night service and our night at Blend to prompt him to think about what he’s doing with others.
Let’s continue to pray for The Church in Scotland that the 3% of the population that goes to church multiplies not just pew sitters but disciple-makers, like Sundeep & Brian!



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