Key Moment for Disciplemaking in Scotland

I just finished today our three day conference with the YL staff. What an honor to be with them.
This is such an exciting time for the UK young life staff. They have a neat unity within the team. It’s fun being with them to enjoy the community. They have been given a beautiful camp, “Loch Monievaird.” They have comfortable cabins set around a lake…all to themselves. In YL anytime you put a camp in a particular area a lot of new ministry percolates up. This first summer will be exciting to see God work.


They are also a an interesting place in disciplemaking. Andy one of the senior staff told me that the first wave of kids who met Christ in the ministry now are taking leadership roles. That makes discipleship a critical component at this stage in their development.
I had the privilege to lead them for three days.
I spent the first day walking them through a workshop called the “Spiritual Secret.” I gave them a new way to be engaged with the Scriptures, which is the secret. That sounds like something you hear in Sunday School. We grow no matter where we are maturity-wise when reflect & meditate on the Word. Ask me about it and I’ll give you the method.
I led the a disciplemaking clinic based off The Ways of the Alongsider on day two and followed up with a small group workshop.


So what was the effect??
My prayer had been as I prepared that each attenders would take two things with them they can immediately implement.
Here’s some of them comments. Craig from Ireland wanted more of the books because he wanted to take his leadership through the Alongsider.
Rachel said, “I was convicted I wasn’t using the Bible enough in my own life and with those I’m leading. That’s got to change.”
Annalea told me, “I’m grabbing as many extra handouts so I can take my girls through it Saturday night!”
Tom, my longtime mentor, “Dane-o this is exactly what our staff needed. We haven’t been able to dig into discipleship with this kind of breadth and practicality.”
I am grateful to the God who answered my prayer to speak powerfully to each of these YL staff. May the Lord move in even more power when these good people take it to their individual ministries around the UK!




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