Let’s give better thanks!

Giving thanks many times isn’t our first response to life. In Luke 17 ten folks benefitted and only one gave thanks to Jesus. That’s not a great percentage …ten percent. I hope that’s not my percentage in my my life!

So to counter this tendency here’s some good things this year I’ve seen happen in my ministry…

  1. I’m grateful for some neat steps two churches are taking in Shelton, CT. They are working to be more intentional as they disciple one another. Groups of three and four are reading the Bible and encouraging each other to live out those words.
  2. I’m grateful that those two churches this year started another wave of people going through the disciplemaking training workbook called, “The Ways of the Alongsider.”
  3. I’m thankful to see the courage of a young pastor move from being an associate pastor to the senior pastor at his church. It’s a big step. He’s thought much, faced his issues, prayed much and asked a lot of great questions on our coach calls.
  4. I’m thankful for two new Life and Leadership Coaching clients this fall. One in is a difficult country overseas, that I cannot mention. The other is the discipleship pastor at a church in St Clairsville. They are both eager to move ahead in their life.
  5. Hey… this is fun being thankful. Thanks Lord for telling us to do it.
  6. I’m thankful I’m coaching eight men through our Life Coaching process.
  7. It is so good to be coaching eight congregations in the art of building disciplemaking cultures. Each are so different.
  8. It is so good to be in conversation with two other churches about starting that disciplemaking process.
  9. It’s fun to start with Mark this week in the Alongsider workbook as he is considering how he can impact his church. He’s also thinking about whether Navstaff is something in his future.
  10. I love my Tuesday Lunch Study at St Paul’s Episcopal. This is a great group with lots of good questions and a sense of humor. We’ve had deep theological discussions and real life difficulties. Right now we’ve just started going through “The Story.” Book that weaves the narrative of the Bible into 31 easy to read chapters.
  11. Community Meal at St Paul’s is great way the church serves the under-resourced. I help with pastoral care for the evening. I am so impressed with how this church puts this home cooked meal on each week. It’s good to a part of it.
  12. I was thrilled to serve two churches that completed our Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Cultures this fall. I learned so much through Pastors Eric and Bob as they did the hard work to help their congregation learn new ways to be The Church.
  13. I was surprised how well our Cluster meeting with four churches went on November 12th. They shared honestly and connected deeply as they worked on their picture of a disciple and how to run better triad discussions. It was one of our best ones!
  14. I am grateful for my boss Bill Mowry, who helps all of us in the region by equipping us, encouraging and helping us to think.
  15. I was glad for our good start to our Home Group. It’s a warm group of folks sharing life and being challenged by God’s Word.
  16. I’m really thankful for my wife, Helen, who allows so much of this to happen and partners with me in ministry.

How about you? How many things can you find to be thankful for this year? Share one.

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