Little Steps of Christmas

We come to this beautiful season again as believers. We know the Christmas season to be loud and proud today, but way back when, it was a series of small, hidden steps that most did not see. God brought them about to a big effect.

Think of the young teenager Mary assenting to this crazy step of being a pregnant, teenage virgin. Oh, yes, and the unborn baby was the Messiah. Joseph, too, took a step of faith agreeing with the Lord to remain betrothed to Mary. They together moved ahead when a census was decreed, trusting God to help them arrive safely while they were late in their pregnancy. Common, everyday shepherds choose to leave their flock and see for themselves and worship the announced King.

These little steps of faith, bound together, moved history and culminated in the birth of Jesus Christ, the God-man.

Little steps can bring a big effect!

christmas-letter-2016-only-pixI want to tell you a similar story in my ministry. In March 2014, I starting coaching Pastor Eric Riesen. One little step of talking through disciplemaking at his church. As the months progressed, Eric commented, “I wish

I would have had this Life Coaching when I started out in ministry!” Eric asked me if I would coach his associate pastor, Garrett. So in September 2014, another little step as I started coaching Garrett. A year later Pastor Eric was thinking again. His youth pastor Colin was beginning to consider going to seminary. So in February 2016, a new step with Colin as he started to be coached. Little things were creating a bigger effect at their church, Zion Lutheran.

The steps continued this summer when Eric surprised me saying he had taken a position at another church. We both had assumed he would finish his career at Zion, but the Lord had a new path. And yet another surprise, Eric asked if I would continue our coaching as he headed to his new congregation saying, “This first year I am going to need one person from the outside to help me think and strategize.”

Back at Zion Lutheran, Garret and Colin were now going to have to lead the church without their former senior pastor. “Would you help us in this transition and help us continue building a disciplemaking  culture?” they asked me.  One more small step of coaching one church that morphed into two.

These steps continued as Eric was also appointed to a committee to help the North American Lutheran Church be a disciplemaking denomination. In November, the Life to Life Committee met. I was so encouraged to see and hear their commitment to live out the Great Commission. A handful of Navs were privileged to be there and hear their passion to build disciplemaking cultures in their congregations.

All that to say…little steps of helping one pastor multiplied into two churches and even beyond to a denomination. That is how God works…taking little steps and making the something grand! I am thrilled to play a part in helping the Church excel at the Great Commission.

Merry Christmas!


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