Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Cultures

You may have heard me talk about a three year disciplemaking process. The Navigators have been working at this process for 25 years. My predecessor Dave Johnson helped test it.


In the “Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Churches” or GiDC, we start with the pastor meeting every other week to coach them on life and discipling. As the pastor gains insights and skills, they pull in a few others in their congregation to widen the learning. At the beginning of the second year this little group each invites a few others to practice what they’ve been learning. As we round out the their third year more and more folks from the congregation begin experiencing these biblical principles. By the end of the process the church has made significant gains in: discovering truth from the scriptures, learning to connect more deeply with each other, defining a disciple, increasing the number of individuals who know how to mentor spiritually and living on mission.
The goal of the three years is to help churches be disciplemaking entities. I’m thrilled to see the excitement already in the churches who’ve just completed their first year. To read more at this link on one of these congregations.

GiDC illustration

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  1. […] Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Cultures (GiDC) is our three year process that helps a church or organization build a disciplemaking culture. Pastor Jerry is almost finished with his church’s process. He is thrilled to see the Bible being read and discussed, discipleship triads being formed AND he knows there are new leaders within the present triads. See the post on the GiDC. […]

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