I love working with people in their small groups. I strategize, encourage leaders to take the next step in their growth in Christ and in being a better discipler of people. I did that in Young Life and at The Chapel in Akron and now I’m doing it with The Navigators. I’m married to my great wife Helen and we have three girls. I enjoy the Browns, the Cavs, running and gardening.

I’ve spent 30 years working with people helping them see Christ and grow in him. I first did that in Young Life. I got to start a YL club in Fairfield, OH. It wasn’t that big of a deal those years, but God made it into something. I went on to serve as an Area Director in Middletown, OH, Charleston, WV & Akron, OH. These were great years to watch kids figure out who Jesus Christ was and then helping them mature. Through those years I learned over and over how ministry starts when I’m growing in Christ. It really does start with my relationship with him. John 15:5. I also learned many lessons on spiritual leadership, on evangelism, on leading small groups and so much more.

I had the privilege to serve at The Chapel in Akron, OH. I served as the Pastor of Community Groups. Our former Senior Pastor Knute Larson gave us a great model to build community groups. Back then we called them Adult Bible

Fellowships (ABF).  Their were 70 of theses groups over three campuses. I spearheaded the launch our Home Groups of which grew 30 individual ones. In my final years at The Chapel we began launching Short-Term Groups. We loved that many new people are getting into groups for the first time and that some of these groups becoming permanent groups. Overall, I was able to be a part of so many things: training leaders, promoting community, coaching groups, growing individual groups and the whole ministry, as well as leading my own group. Through those years too, we put together a leadership pipeline to raise up all the leaders needed. Teacher training, Turbo groups, our short-term groups, our workshops have all helped equip these emerging leaders. It was a great ride and I learned a lot.

So today I bring with me all these experiences about how we can best build disciples. That is what I have the

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opportunity to do through The Navigators. I walk alongside pastors coaching them on their own disciple-making and then begin to help them to consider how to implement those principles throughout their church. I think it is the perfect use of a para-church organization. I walk with the pastor and their church assisting however I can with the desired outcome being that they are more effectively maturing their people. It might be that simply pass on thoughts about running better groups or it could be that I sit down several times to help them think through their situation. The church might also need a complete overhaul of their disciple-making processes and I might be a part-time staff for a season. However, I help bring to the table not only my own experience but also the expertise of The Navigators, who have been making disciples for over 75 years.

For info on me check out my linkin bio page.

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  1. Mike Trout says:


    Rick Duvall gave me your name as a possible teacher in my ABF at Maranatha. I’m on my way to China this morning but would like to talk to you about a short / long term teaching ministry at our 9:15 time.

    Let me know a convenient time and I’ll try too give you a call.


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