100 Words or Less: Chapter 6

I was listening to Francis Chan one time (author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God) at a conference as he described his decision to leave his growing church in California and move to Asia.  He talked about how many people thought he was crazy, how some people were amazed at how radical his life was.  … Continue reading

Throwing Out the Mirrors: Chapter 5

“If there are absolutely any resources I can provide that will ease your burden, untangle your confusion, or solidify your trust in the God who built you and love you, then I hope you’ll let me provide it” (p. 99). How do we get to a place like that?  In this chapter I was struck … Continue reading

Where'd You Go to Dinner Last Night? Chapter 4.

The question is a seemingly simple one—isn’t it?  Most likely, it is an easy answer: at home.  But there could be something going on behind the answer to that question.  I was fascinated by Bill’s decision in downtown Chicago.  He made a conscious decision to eat a restaurant rather than sitting in the lobby of … Continue reading

You got to jump into to reading the NT

Here’s what we’re reading this week. Monday the 28th – Acts 21 Tuesday – Acts 22 Wednesday – Acts 23 Thursday – Acts 24 Friday – Acts 25

Will you Walk? Chapter 3

“The longer a person attends church, the fewer evangelistic discussions they engage in with family members and friends.” Hybels p 61 Isn’t this backwards? Shouldn’t we be outward focused? Hybels goes on to correct us, “Instead of walking toward people who need God’s redemptive love they step into a mode of no longer wanting anything … Continue reading

Best Practices…Group Socials

My Campus Group just had our Valentine’s Social. This has been a staple of our Group. We’ve done a lot of unique events. Recently we have started doing it a bit differently. I think it was a real smart idea by my leader, Mike Kline. The last two years we’ve had a rich time together … Continue reading

Things we need to do as leaders in the church

What are the essential things we should be doing as leaders, as stewards of God’s church. Paul does some wise things we should take note on. Acts 14:21b-23 “they returned to Lystra and to Iconium and to Antioch,22 strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith, and saying that through many tribulations we … Continue reading

Just Walk Across the Room: Chapter 2

Are iGroups just a fad that will fade away? Maybe.  They are a fad and they very well could fade away after a while.  Surprised by the answer?  They are a fad like the “Tract Era” in the sense that they are culturally motivated ways of reaching out to people who do not know Christ.  … Continue reading

Just Walk Across the Room

I love this book. It is really fun to read. It really gets me excited about having conversations with those unfamiliar with Jesus. I hope over the next few months to have an ongoing discussion about the principles and wisdom from this book. You may not agree with all the Bill Hybels says, but you … Continue reading

Chilean miners teach Community

Read this article about the spiritual life of the Chilean miners. They prayed, worked through their differences and read the Bible. religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/02/03/chilean-miner-sheds-light-on-underground-religious-life/