iGroup Curriculum sneak peak

We just finished up our curriculum for our Investigative Groups. There are six lessons from the life of Jesus. Here’s the first one for you to look at. Below is the six week series. John 2, the wedding at Cana Luke 5, Matthew the Taxman Mark 2, healing the paraplegic Luke 8, healing the demoniac … Continue reading

Jump on and read the NT with us

This Monday we start reading Acts. Check out each Sunday for the chapters to read each weekday. Read five chapters a week and you’ll finish the New Testament in a year. Check out https://groupsguy.com/ each Sunday and I’ll upload the week’s readings.

Best Practices Sunday the 23

I stopped by a number of our Campus Groups Sunday sharing about our upcoming Investigative Groups. It is so fun to see the good things going on in many of our groups. We are lucky ….ok fortunate to be here. I learn, relearn or am reminded of some smart practices as I enter a group. … Continue reading

Colossians 4 Secret

I am grateful for the many folks that are considering leading an Investigative Group. So far thirteen people are considering leading. We want many more. Two have even stepped forward in Wadsworth. I look forward to what God will do in each of us and in the participants of these groups. So what’s the secret? … Continue reading

Best practices

I stopped by to see the Bath Home Group last night. It was good to are some old friends. We had time to look back over the sermon in John 3 and discuss the implications of “born again. Here’s their best practices. First,  they have strong team that leads the group. CA and Mona host. … Continue reading

Investigative Group Info

Below is some documents we’ve put together for our igroups. These will help round out your understanding. Here’s a comparison of our igroups and our Community Groups. There is a big difference. What is igroup Here’s a document we handed out at the Informational Meeting on Sunday the 9th. igroups InfoMtg handoutfilled Here’s our slides … Continue reading

The ride of your life

Dream with me about our Investigative Groups….Think of how exciting it will be for every one to put their faith on the line. Even worse case, if they don’t succeed in getting group started, the guts, the prayer invested for their friends will make a huge difference in that leader’s life and beyond. For those … Continue reading

Is there Spiritual Interest out there??

This is exactly what we are going to experiment and see with our Investigative Groups. I can’t wait to see what happens. This Sunday we’ll be having our first informational meeting at each of our campuses. I am hoping many folks decide to jump on. What is an Investigative Group or igroup? They are groups … Continue reading

2nd Best Resolution of the Year: Read JWAR

I am so excited about our Investigative Groups that will be kicking off this March. These are groups that meet briefly with people who are brand new to the Bible or to Christ. These Investigative Groups will read and discuss together a few of the events of Jesus found in the Gospels. So what’s the … Continue reading

Best Resolution for the New Year: Read the NT

Join with me this year in reading through the New Testament in 2011. This is a the best way we can strengthen our walk with Christ. So many good things come out of our time before the Word. As leaders of God’s people we need this nurturing, strengthening and correcting everyday from the Bible. Every … Continue reading