Perth workshop

Last night was our pastors and lay leaders workshop on disciplemaking. About 25 men and women joined us at Blend Coffee Shop in Perth. There were a few surprising things. First, there were in attendance some fantastic disciplers. It was so fun to have them share and add to the experience. Their wisdom added to … Continue reading

I was taught in Edinburgh

I learned something last night. I’ve been pronouncing the word “Edinburgh” incorrectly. One street over from my house is EdinBURGH. I pronounce it as two syllables. But here in Scotland it’s three. …Edin-bu-rrah. That was just was the first thing I learned. So last night I ran another workshop on disciplemaking. We had a great … Continue reading

Scotland Prayer Requests

I am so privileged to be asked to assist pastors and Young Life staff in the UK. This May I’ll spend nine days running workshops and interacting with key leadership of the country. My daughter will be joining me too, which is a thrill to have her with me. The big dream is that a … Continue reading

Focusing My Vision

As a part of my own life coaching I’ve been going through I’ve had to pull away and consider my mission Our Core 4 helps you proactively decide how you’ll live out all areas of your personal life. We then assist in setting ministry vision & its implementation. and vision. It’s been a great process. … Continue reading

Christmas Truce

This year marks the 100th year of the Christmas Truce. World War I was in it’s first year. The overwhelming horrors of the war had not become full blown. This was the war when trench warfare became so important. In the fall of 1914 both sides tried to out flank each other until trenches stretched … Continue reading

More of the Story

You may have already bumped into the latest newsletter from December. I thought you might like to read the rest of what the four folks wrote to me. This first story Pastor Bob Quaintance shares his journey into engaging more deeply with the scriptures. Bob and I have been in a coaching relationship since the … Continue reading

Moving Churches Ahead

This past Saturday we spent six hours with 70 church leaders from seven congregations.  What a great day. These churches have been gathering to learn how they can build a disciplemaking culture in their church. They are in year two of our three-year process. We came into the workshop hoping and praying one skill in particular would be … Continue reading

Charging up your time with God

I bumped into my friend Jordan and Panera this morning. We chit chatted about life and the early morning. We got onto the topic of our walk with Christ. He shared, “I am stuck. I’m just not connecting with Jesus.” Like most of us from time to time we found we are stuck in our … Continue reading

Nav enews August ’14: New Level

Here’s the link to my enews for August.

The 3 year disciplemaking process I’m starting with churches.

I’m excited to be starting this process with six churches this fall. It starts working individually with the pastors strengthening their personal discipling and life coaching. We then progress with a core team equipping them to run discipleship groups. This results in changing the culture of the church. With the church becoming a disciplemaking body … Continue reading