Alongsider Clinic: strengthening discipling

It has been my privilege to walk with pastors and leaders as they consider their impact on others. One of the new tools that I’ve bumped into is the workbook “The Ways of the Alongsider.” What I have really liked about this book is that it is a workbook to process new insights. The Alongsider … Continue reading

My ministry vision: right brained & left brained

I am so enthused for this coming year. There is a lot of ministry before me. This whole year has been upward trending with growing number of ways to serve the church. Some days I am stunned at a new option to assist pastors! To get it all on paper I’ve described two ways: right … Continue reading

Alongsider Clinic in Tyler

My friend Doug Clark invited me down to his church in Tyler, TX to do an Alongsider Clinic on the 27th of July. Grace Church has a wonderful staff and congregation. We had such a great time together thinking and connecting. One hundred of us gathered for the five hour workshop. This is not an ordinary … Continue reading

Building Faith

I’ve been thinking a lot about faith. I actually have a love/hate relationship with faith. I love it because it liberates me, redeems me. It gives me a wonderful hope that there is something beyond what I see. God really is there. God is more loving and powerful than I’ll ever know this side of … Continue reading

Forgetting Jesus?

I was recently in a coaching session with a pastor. Our discussion was about disciple-making principles we were learning through the workbook “The Ways of the Alongsider.” As a part of our meeting I was catching up with Pastor Jay about his life and ministry. He described his desire to not miss Christ in this … Continue reading

Lost Something?

A while back I received a large check from a friend. It had been a hectic few weeks, so I left in the foyer until I could take care of it. After a week or so I thought I should put it in the bank. Much my chagrin I could not find it where I … Continue reading

Making a Decision

Ahh! Which way am I supposed to go? How many times a crucial turning points in out lives do we struggle deciding which choice we should make. Decision making comes easy for some, but most of us choke when it presents itself. I remember as a senior in college trying to figure out whether I … Continue reading

Reviewing “Move”

What will be the things that propel us in becoming fully devoted followers of Christ? What are the essential strategies that churches should employ to help their people grow and mature? These are some of the questions “Move” has studied. Not everything is what you think it would be. Some insights you’ll say, “Well of … Continue reading

Pastoral Coaching

Discipleship is a complex endeavor to accomplish well. Church Discipleship Ministry of The Navigators helps pastors and churches consider how they can best build disciples in their context. Each church has unique opportunities to make disciples and hinderances to the process. It takes wise counsel to work through the obstacles to produce maturity. Additionally, because … Continue reading

Guaranteed Spiritual Growth

What are the things that gets us moving spiritually? What practices help you sense connection and movement towards God? Can we could find a way that would keeping us growing? We want a sense of intimacy with the Lord. We want his guidance. We want his help as we walk in this life. We desire … Continue reading