Couple interesting things from Luke 23 & 24

I bumped into these tid bits in my reading of these final chapters of the Gospel of Luke…. Look at who declares Jesus innocent in Ch 23 Herod ….I had never seen this one. verse 15 Pilate … see verse 22 Thief … one curses him. one confesses him. verse 41 Centurion …after crucifying him … Continue reading

NT Reading for week of March 27th

March has been a great month to think through what we believe. It is so good. God has been so generous to us, way more than we deserve. He’s given us a second chance and a new life to live here and for eternity. What’s been the very best the Lord has given you from … Continue reading

NT Reading for week of March 20th

We’re entering our second full in week in the book of Romans. What’s the best insight you’ve received? What’s the best theological sharpening you’ve seen? Write them down. Get your thoughts on paper. You will help yourself understand even more what God has put on your heart AND others will benefit from it too. Monday … Continue reading

NT reading for week of Jan 30th

Here’s our readings for this week. The Gospel of John was so good. I saw some brand new things I never noticed. I can’t wait to see what God shows us this month in Acts. Monday the 31st – Acts 1 Tuesday the 1st – Acts 2 Wednesday the 2nd – Acts 3 Thursday the … Continue reading

Day One in the New Testament

This is the start of the journey through the New Testament. I am looking forward to the insights that the Lord will lead me/us to. Whenever something impacts me I’ll jot a few thoughts about the verses. You can also join me using reading plan called Project 345. It is called that because it … Continue reading