God’s help in Suffering

The poll we’ve been running this week is about our facing pain and trials without the help of God. Today’s poll will focus on what we do spiritually to persevere in our suffering. What helps you most in suffering?

Dealing with suffering on our own

Suffering and pain enters all of our lives. Jesus said it would be so. His words to us in Luke 6:47-49 remind us that storms come to both the good and the bad. We all walk through the path of difficulty. How we deal with it makes all the difference. This week we will be … Continue reading

Job And Four Views of Suffering

Life Application Study Bible has some great thoughts throughout the book of Job on suffering and pain. This Study Bible is an important resource every student of the Bible should have on their shelf. Here’s what they say about suffering. FOUR VIEWS OF SUFFERING Satan’s view —> People believe in God only when they are … Continue reading

More on Job: stupid words

Watch what you say to those in pain. Too many times we say awkward, even hurtful things to those suffering. I am so grateful for my two Senior Pastors I’ve had at The Chapel, Knute and Paul, who’ve pushed us to speak little when around those¬†in pain. While in midst of suffering people don’t need … Continue reading

Thoughts from Job

I just finished up reading through the book of Job. What a powerful book. The depth of that this book mulls over the issue of pain is¬†powerful and scary. Pain has its all encompassing effect on our lives. When you are in the midst of a struggle it saps all your mental and physical capabilities. … Continue reading