Forgotten area of Church Discipleship, part 2

Speaking of things forgotten, I was on a run the other day and I thought, “I’ve forgotten something on my Discipleship Theatre diagram.” Yep much has been forgotten. Before you read this post go back to look at my original post that explains my Discipleship Theatre diagram at this link. This picture has helped me … Continue reading

Three things I bumped into about forgiveness.

As I was walking my dog Rudy this morning I began to think about three separate places I bumped into forgiveness. They hit me over a two week period and seemed a bit random, but together make some important statements to us. Jim Colledge preached a couple weeks ago on Ps 32. That is the … Continue reading


encouragement = To encourage is to give active help or to raise confidence to the pointwhere one dares to do what is difficult. New Oxford American Dictionary Everyone will needs it. As we wrap up the book of Acts we see a number of places where Paul is in need of courage. His ministry was coming to a peak of influence and controversy. Things got really crazy, pretty violent. … Continue reading

Chilean miners teach on Community

Read this article about the spiritual life of the Chilean miners. They prayed, worked through their differences and read the Bible.

Chilean miners teach Community

Read this article about the spiritual life of the Chilean miners. They prayed, worked through their differences and read the Bible.

“The invisible church is the church as God perfectly sees it. The visible church is the church as we imperfectly see it.” Mark Driscoll

Here’s the rest of the article from Mark Driscoll. It is a helpful explanation of the Visible and Invisible Church. What caught my eye was the excerpt that I put as the title. The visible church is what we see imperfectly. Who can’t find mistakes and foibles in our churches? It reminds me of the … Continue reading

Must Use Curriculum: ReGroup

I’ve had this DVD in my closet for a few years and had only used it once. Then I pushed myself to look at it again and use in our ABF. I have really been happy with the results. We’ve had a great series helping our existing group to get reacquainted and reminded of the … Continue reading

Great Curriculum to help your group Connect

I’ve been using the DVD series ReGroup for the last six weeks. It’s a great tool to help move your group’s relationships to a higher place. Watch the video. Let us know if you want to use it too. We have several copies available and student guides. You can also look back over my posts … Continue reading

Vote for your favorite conflict style

The sermon series “When Sparks Fly” is generating discussion about conflict. Let us know what way to handle conflict. Vote at this link.

Your Conflict Style of Choice

We all have a conflict style we normally default to when we have an issue. One of these five is the easiest for us to do. Yet no one style is the perfect method of dealing with conflict. Sometimes it’s good to avoid or overlook an issue. Proverbs 19:11 Other times we must go right … Continue reading