looking for discipleship material this fall?

A discipleship or accountability group is always the hardest groups to lead and form. They’ll also encourage transformation in wonderful ways. Making disciples is what we are all called to do, just look at the Great Commission. The last few months I’ve bumped into some great new curriculum options I didn’t even know were out … Continue reading

Looking forward to Sunday Oct 3rd-Luke 6:37-38

There’s a bit of a change in the sermon schedule for this coming Sunday October 3rd. The sermon will only focus on verse37 and 38 of chapter six of Luke. The other verses we were to cover this week will in next week’s sermon. Here’s the sermon outline for this week. outline-10-3-10 Sermon Thoughts Here’s a … Continue reading

Looking ahead to Sunday: Luke 6:27-36

Here’s a few thoughts from our preaching team on our upcoming sermon (Sept 26). These are strong words. They are difficult to apply. If done will transform our lives and those around us. May God grant us his strength to live this way. One thought on this text is the push Jesus throws out for us to … Continue reading

Luke 6:20-26 Sunday Preview

Here’s a few thoughts on this Sunday’s Sermon. We’ve also attached the sermon outline. luke-6_20-26-sermon-outline http://vimeo.com/15034233

Looking ahead to Sunday: Luke 6:12-19

Final Prep for Luke 6:12-19 We’ve loaded up a brief video giving a couple last thoughts Paul and Mike have as they prepare for Sunday’s sermon. This video also gives a few reasons to follow along with the sermon series. If you’ve not taken the poll on your first series use this link and let … Continue reading

Luke 6/Short-Term Curriculum

Our curriculum is now available. See our Short-Term Group page to download or click on the link below. The first sermon is this week. https://dhallphin.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/lud_logo21.jpg?page_id=1285

From Les Mezenski

Below are some observations from one of our Leaders, Les Mezenski on curriculum and how his group responded: “1. Liquid: Fork in the Road – Great! 5 short videos about everyday life problems. Uses verses concerning David’s problems relating them to present day problems. Good interaction from the group on this one. 2. Just Walk … Continue reading

Follow along with Sermons

The Luke chapter six sermon series starts September 12th. It promises to push us hard on the issues of discipleship. Jesus speaking to his discipleship set the bar high for how he wants us to live. These are tough things for us to follow. Consider jumping on this series. Here’s why it can be good … Continue reading

Sunday Recap: A Better Way to Teach

summit-10-06-06-the-boss Above is the case study we used to rev up our conversation this past Sunday. I wrote about this last week. A case study is a story you write or an article you find that brings out ambiguity and the grey-ness of life. They are perfect for revealing the variety of values that reside … Continue reading

Your Conflict Style Results …Really???

In my last poll we conducted we offered five choices for how we each handle conflict. The results surprised me. Actually, I think they are a bit skewed. Here are the winners. Collaborate 40% Compromise 28% Avoid 19% Accommodate 10% Compete 3% Is this the way you see it around your church or at work?? … Continue reading