Great Curriculum to help your group Connect

I’ve been using the DVD series ReGroup for the last six weeks. It’s a great tool to help move your group’s relationships to a higher place. Watch the video. Let us know if you want to use it too. We have several copies available and student guides. You can also look back over my posts … Continue reading

Sunday Ready — ReGroup week 6

There really is so many ways to use this ReGroup DVD. The first few times I reviewed this curriculum I missed the two longer lessons on conflict and confrontation. This is such a good issue to tackle for groups because everyone will go through it. It’s really just a matter of time before folks rub … Continue reading

Sunday Ready – ReGroup week 3

Last week I didn’t have time finish the session1 segment 2 video. So we’ll finish it up this week. Its a great piece on the three components of a group: Grace, Truth & Time. So what we’ll do is start the time off with the Kitchen Table. This is a great way for people to … Continue reading

Sunday Ready — ReGroup week 1

Here’s where I’ve landed for Sunday after some thought. When I read Bonhoeffer this week I knew I had to put it into the lesson. It’s way too powerful and I’m really connecting with his push. So, we’re going look at Hebrews 10:24 & 25. This is a biblical view of community. We’ll counter it … Continue reading

Curriculum Choices

Many of us at a point in the year where we are looking for some curriculum options. You might have just finished up with Galatians or trying to find something next. We have a bunch of options you may not have considered. These are available for you to use in your ABF or HABF. Many … Continue reading

Another lesson for Gal 5:13-26

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this passage this week. There are some great Greek words that illuminate further the text. You can see the raw data on my previous post or get to the shorter version in the lesson. For my ABF this Sunday, I’ll have us read through the text … Continue reading

Galatians 5:13-26 — The Answer we've waited for

This section in Galatians is what we’ve been waiting for. We’ve talked about not living by the law for three and a half chapters. Now comes the answer! How do we live a godly life?? This righteous life comes from walking in the Spirit. Through the Spirit we are empowered to live holy lives, something … Continue reading


I read this verse this morning. Proverbs 13:13  He who scorns instruction will pay for it, but he who respects a command is rewarded. So much is riding on our willingness to listen. Are we willing to hear the correction that comes our way? Or do we prefer to plug our ears and walk away? … Continue reading