Forgotten area of Church Discipleship, part 2

Speaking of things forgotten, I was on a run the other day and I thought, “I’ve forgotten something on my Discipleship Theatre diagram.” Yep much has been forgotten. Before you read this post go back to look at my original post that explains my Discipleship Theatre diagram at this link. This picture has helped me … Continue reading

The dreaded E-word

This is the word many talk about but few practice it in the church. Yet it is absolute critical to the Church. Many give lip service to it. Workshops are led but few attend. So what is the dreaded E-word? Evangelism is the word. It is not a word we want to avoid in the church. … Continue reading

Launching iGroups

Can the Church Really Reach Out? This is the age old question. Over and over throughout the history of the church we’ve been not so good at reaching out to those unfamiliar with the gospel. We see in Acts as the church was content to stay in Jerusalem until there was a persecution. It was … Continue reading