Our depth of relationship with Christ

All through the Gospel of John, Jesus has thrown out ¬†phrases about the deep connection he and the Father have. We see it in John 10:38, “…I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” (NET)¬†There is such depth in that phrase. It speaks of connection, an intertwining that Jesus and the Father … Continue reading

Was Jesus a Calvinist or Armenianist?

Here’s the other wild thing I’ve never seen in John 6. Beyond all the very powerful spiritual themes I wrote about last post, there is in the midst of the argument with his countrymen a number of comments that Jesus makes about the Calvinist vs Armenian argument (predestination or freewill). What side is Jesus on? … Continue reading

Week of Jan 9th NT reading

This is our second week reading. I had some great passages stick out to me in John 3 and 6. I am so grateful the Lord continues to use his Word to teach us. Here’s the chapters that God will speak to us from this coming week. Get ready he has something for us! Monday … Continue reading