Sunday Recap — Confrontation

It was a great day today touching on the how and why we confront. The sermon was on the same subject. In fact, for the next two weeks we’ll be on the subject of conflict resolution. Scary stuff for many. Great when we work it through. If you look to the previous post you’ll find … Continue reading

Sunday Ready — ReGroup week 6

There really is so many ways to use this ReGroup DVD. The first few times I reviewed this curriculum I missed the two longer lessons on conflict and confrontation. This is such a good issue to tackle for groups because everyone will go through it. It’s really just a matter of time before folks rub … Continue reading

Follow up from OCEA-Creating Healthy Communities

For those that joined me at the workshop, thanks for a lively discussion. We hit all the important issues in growing a group. Whether you run a Sunday School, an Adult Bible Fellowship or a Small Group the principles we discussed will help you run a strong and healthy community group. Here’s the five components … Continue reading

Connecting in your Group — Before

I remember the first ABF I visited. I was new on staff at the church and was going around visiting and trying to learn what my new job was about. As I went into one of our mid-singles Adult Bible Fellowship I was really impressed. This group had really thought through how to connect before … Continue reading

Connecting in your Group — Share your Story

My wife has been leading a women’s discipleship group for the last couple years. She’s worked hard preparing for the lessons. The Bible portion has been transforming. Part of the program is what the call tapestry. On these days the ladies are asked to share a piece of their story. It might be to tell … Continue reading

We can’t compete

Don’t forget how important the relationships in your groups are. Its great to have a powerful Bible study. We want that to be a significant part of our groups. (Equip, Care & Outreach) Just remember they¬†can get a better Bible study online or on the radio. There are literally hundreds of sites, mp3s, programs they … Continue reading

Connecting in your Group — First Steps

We’ve had great time this winter with our short-term small groups called Galatians Groups. One of our goals with this campaign was to to have good time around the Bible & with these new relationships. We believed that if we had significant connection in meetings that we’d have the best chance that they’d want to … Continue reading