Launching iGroups

Can the Church Really Reach Out? This is the age old question. Over and over throughout the history of the church we’ve been not so good at reaching out to those unfamiliar with the gospel. We see in Acts as the church was content to stay in Jerusalem until there was a persecution. It was … Continue reading

Just Walk Across the Room: Chapter 2

Are iGroups just a fad that will fade away? Maybe.  They are a fad and they very well could fade away after a while.  Surprised by the answer?  They are a fad like the “Tract Era” in the sense that they are culturally motivated ways of reaching out to people who do not know Christ.  … Continue reading

Just Walk Across the Room

I love this book. It is really fun to read. It really gets me excited about having conversations with those unfamiliar with Jesus. I hope over the next few months to have an ongoing discussion about the principles and wisdom from this book. You may not agree with all the Bill Hybels says, but you … Continue reading

iGroup Curriculum sneak peak

We just finished up our curriculum for our Investigative Groups. There are six lessons from the life of Jesus. Here’s the first one for you to look at. Below is the six week series. John 2, the wedding at Cana Luke 5, Matthew the Taxman Mark 2, healing the paraplegic Luke 8, healing the demoniac … Continue reading

Investigative Group Info

Below is some documents we’ve put together for our igroups. These will help round out your understanding. Here’s a comparison of our igroups and our Community Groups. There is a big difference. What is igroup Here’s a document we handed out at the Informational Meeting on Sunday the 9th. igroups InfoMtg handoutfilled Here’s our slides … Continue reading

The ride of your life

Dream with me about our Investigative Groups….Think of how exciting it will be for every one to put their faith on the line. Even worse case, if they don’t succeed in getting group started, the guts, the prayer invested for their friends will make a huge difference in that leader’s life and beyond. For those … Continue reading