really? …again?

Who hasn’t had the experience of not getting it right the first time? You know you put forth effort, you work hard, you think creatively and you try and try. But have you ever after many attempts gotten to the end your willingness to go a step further? I’ve experienced in many ways in my … Continue reading

Will you Walk? Chapter three

“The longer a person attends church, the fewer evangelistic discussions they engage in with family members and friends.” Hybels p 61 Isn’t this backwards? Shouldn’t we be outward focused? Hybels goes on to correct us, “Instead of walking toward people who need God’s redemptive love they step into a mode of no longer wanting anything … Continue reading

How we serve

Acts 3:6 “Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” NIV As I read this section this morning I am reminded of how we serve. Peter and John didn’t have what the man wanted. They were … Continue reading

A Public Faith

One of the beautiful acts we can express to another is when tragedy strikes. When someone reaches out in life’s difficult experiences it is a wonderful act of love. We see this in John 19. Two guys who up to this point in time hid their belief in Christ from others, stand up and take … Continue reading

Better to not have Jesus

Yep that’s what Jesus told his followers. It is better that you not have me around. “But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away.” John 16:7 NIV How the disciples must have been straining to figure this one out. Better that Jesus be gone? …better without him? … Continue reading

You a 9 or a 5?

This chapter contains one of the most beautiful eyewitness accounts of Jesus given in the New Testament. Jesus heals a man born blind. This leads this man to joy and courage. You see the Pharisees or as John likes to say “the Jews” didn’t like that Jesus healed on the Sabbath. So the Pharisees felt … Continue reading

Was Jesus a Calvinist or Armenianist?

Here’s the other wild thing I’ve never seen in John 6. Beyond all the very powerful spiritual themes I wrote about last post, there is in the midst of the argument with his countrymen a number of comments that Jesus makes about the Calvinist vs Armenian argument (predestination or freewill). What side is Jesus on? … Continue reading

John 6

Wow there is truly so much in this chapter. I’ve been thinking of how many powerful themes arise is this section. Think about …. Jesus‘ challenge to the disciples, “You feed them.” This blows the disciples out of the water. “We can’t pay for this?? We only have a boy with a small lunch.” And … Continue reading

Day Seven

Things get ugly. The Pharisees get ticked Jesus is healing on the Sabbath. Yet two chapters earlier Nicodemus came to Jesus saying, “We know you come from God because of the miracles you perform.” Who is the “we” here? Is it all the Pharisees? Is it some who agree with Nicodemus? Was it a way … Continue reading

Competition …Day Five

I love competing. I’ve always been drawn to sports because of the challenge of competition. I still love to today to run a race to see how well I can do. Sometimes though competition isn’t a good. I was struck this morning with how well John the Baptist understood this. We so many times get … Continue reading