Looking forward to Sunday Oct 3rd-Luke 6:37-38

There’s a bit of a change in the sermon schedule for this coming Sunday October 3rd. The sermon will only focus on verse37 and 38 of chapter six of Luke. The other verses we were to cover this week will in next week’s sermon. Here’s the sermon outline for this week. outline-10-3-10 Sermon Thoughts Here’s a … Continue reading

Looking ahead to Sunday: Luke 6:27-36

Here’s a few thoughts from our preaching team on our upcoming sermon (Sept 26). These are strong words. They are difficult to apply. If done will transform our lives and those around us. May God grant us his strength to live this way. One thought on this text is the push Jesus throws out for us to … Continue reading

Luke 6:20-26 Sunday Preview

Here’s a few thoughts on this Sunday’s Sermon. We’ve also attached the sermon outline. luke-6_20-26-sermon-outline http://vimeo.com/15034233

Looking ahead to Sunday: Luke 6:12-19

Final Prep for Luke 6:12-19 We’ve loaded up a brief video giving a couple last thoughts Paul and Mike have as they prepare for Sunday’s sermon. This video also gives a few reasons to follow along with the sermon series. If you’ve not taken the poll on your first series use this link and let … Continue reading

Luke 6/Short-Term Curriculum

Our curriculum is now available. See our Short-Term Group page to download or click on the link below. The first sermon is this week. https://dhallphin.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/lud_logo21.jpg?page_id=1285