Looking for a simple devotional

Join me in reading through key sections of the New Testament this year. You’ll read a bit from each chapter in the NT. You’ll also have some good thoughts on digging into what you just read from the Bible. God will show up in some very good ways with encouragement, wisdom, warnings and love. The … Continue reading

The best way to grow spiritually

What’s the best way to grow your faith? Many would say go serve or be in a position of leadership. Others might add spend time in solitude, away from people and noise. Some would encourage to get into a small group. The overachievers would push for a course at a seminary. All these will help, … Continue reading

FINAL NT readings of the year!

Here’s our reading for this final week of December 25th. Let me know if you’ve finished it with us. Monday the 26th read Mark 12 Tuesday the 27th read Mark 13 Wednesday the 28th read Mark 14 Thursday the 29th read Mark 15 Friday the 30th read Mark 16! You have finished the whole New … Continue reading

NT Reading for week of August 21st

Here’s a great way to dig into a passage on your own. This method is best used on just a few verses, so I’ll pick a verse for each day from the chapter that is assigned. You can always pick your own if you’re drawn to another section. I first ran into this method when … Continue reading

nt reading for week of may 22nd

We’ll find Paul joy and enthusiasm through this great book he wrote while in prison. What are we going to be taught this week? Something is going to impact you! Monday the 23rd — Philippians 1 Tuesday the 24th —¬†Philippians 2 Wednesday the 25th —¬†Philippians 3 Thursday the 26th —¬†Philippians 4 Friday the 27th — … Continue reading

NT reading for week of May 1st

We finish the Gospel of Luke this week. Many believe this is the gospel written for Gentile believers …that’s you and me. May you have a sense of the Lord speaking to you this week as you put yourself before his Word. We also start the great letter to the Galatians. This is a important … Continue reading

NT reading for week of April 24

Monday the 25th — Luke 17 Tuesday the 26th — Luke 18 Wednesday the 27th — Luke 19 Thursday the 28th — Luke 20 Friday the 29th — Luke 21

NT reading for week of Apr17

This week we’ll be reading on of the best chapters in the Bible, Luke 15. This rich chapter teaches so much about God’s love for each of us. May he transform our heart that we would live that kind of love today. Monday the 18th — Luke 12 Tuesday the 19th — Luke 13 Wednesday … Continue reading

NT Reading for week of March 27th

March has been a great month to think through what we believe. It is so good. God has been so generous to us, way more than we deserve. He’s given us a second chance and a new life to live here and for eternity. What’s been the very best the Lord has given you from … Continue reading

NT Reading for week of March 20th

We’re entering our second full in week in the book of Romans. What’s the best insight you’ve received? What’s the best theological sharpening you’ve seen? Write them down. Get your thoughts on paper. You will help yourself understand even more what God has put on your heart AND others will benefit from it too. Monday … Continue reading