encouragement = To encourage is to give active help or to raise confidence to the pointwhere one dares to do what is difficult. New Oxford American Dictionary Everyone will needs it. As we wrap up the book of Acts we see a number of places where Paul is in need of courage. His ministry was coming to a peak of influence and controversy. Things got really crazy, pretty violent. … Continue reading


Courage …it takes guts to have it. :^) The cowardly lion so desired to have it. He felt intimidated by others. He was afraid of life’s challenges, so much so that he acted quite ridiculous. He did it so well he makes us smile. Nobody wants to live like him though. Who wants to be … Continue reading

Correcting and being Corrected

Who wants to be corrected?? Who wants to do the correcting? Most of us hesitate a bit before we do either of these. Sometimes that’s smart because not everything need correction. Still there are times we must move forward. In Acts 18:26 we have a great example of both sides. The two sides did really … Continue reading

Acts 12: the prayer of faith?

This chapter in Acts contains the story of Peter being thrown in prison by Herod. This was a scary episode for the young church. James the brother of John had already been martyred by Herod. So this king moved to imprison more of the church because he saw that the Jews liked it. He was … Continue reading

NT reading for Feb 13th

Here’s this week’s reading. Monday the 14th-acts 11 Tuesday -acts 12 Wednesday -acts 13 Thursday -acts 14 Friday -acts 15 Pass on your best stuff.

NT reading week of Feb 6th

It was great start in Acts this past week. We saw: the church take steps of courage, strong preaching, power from the Spirit, and the church loving and caring for each other. Here’s what to read. Monday the 7th – Acts 6 Tuesday – Acts 7 Wednesday – Acts 8 Thursday – Acts 9 Friday … Continue reading

NT reading for week of Jan 30th

Here’s our readings for this week. The Gospel of John was so good. I saw some brand new things I never noticed. I can’t wait to see what God shows us this month in Acts. Monday the 31st – Acts 1 Tuesday the 1st – Acts 2 Wednesday the 2nd – Acts 3 Thursday the … Continue reading

NT reading for week of Jan 23

Hey we finish up John this week. What a great start. I’ve seen a lot of new things I’ve never seen before. Monday the 24th – John 17 Tuesday the 25th – John 18 Wednesday the 26th – John 19 Thursday the 27th – John 20 Friday the 28th – John 21

Our depth of relationship with Christ

All through the Gospel of John, Jesus has thrown out  phrases about the deep connection he and the Father have. We see it in John 10:38, “…I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” (NET) There is such depth in that phrase. It speaks of connection, an intertwining that Jesus and the Father … Continue reading

NT reading for week of Jan 16th

Here’s our readings for this next week: Monday the 17th — John 12 Tuesday the 18th — John 13 Wednesday the 19th — John 14 Thursday the 20th — John 15 Friday the 21st — John 16