NT reading for week of Apr17

This week we’ll be reading on of the best chapters in the Bible, Luke 15. This rich chapter teaches so much about God’s love for each of us. May he transform our heart that we would live that kind of love today. Monday the 18th — Luke 12 Tuesday the 19th — Luke 13 Wednesday … Continue reading

NT reading for week of March 7th

This week we’ll be starting our three week look at the book of Romans. Great theological book. It covers so much: the gospel, justification, sin, worship, godly relationships. Looking forward to it. Monday the 7th — Acts 26 Tuesday the 8th — Acts 27 Wednesday the 9th — Acts 28 Thursday the 10th — Romans … Continue reading

NT reading for week of Feb 20th

Hey the verse of the week last week for me was Acts 12:5 …”and the church was fervent in prayer for Peter.” I was so impressed by the early church’s commitment to pray. Things were bad. They needed to pray. Good word for me to lift up my church. What was your verse of the … Continue reading

A Public Faith

One of the beautiful acts we can express to another is when tragedy strikes. When someone reaches out in life’s difficult experiences it is a wonderful act of love. We see this in John 19. Two guys who up to this point in time hid their belief in Christ from others, stand up and take … Continue reading

You a 9 or a 5?

This chapter contains one of the most beautiful eyewitness accounts of Jesus given in the New Testament. Jesus heals a man born blind. This leads this man to joy and courage. You see the Pharisees or as John likes to say “the Jews” didn’t like that Jesus healed on the Sabbath. So the Pharisees felt … Continue reading