We can’t compete

Don’t forget how important the relationships in your groups are. Its great to have a powerful Bible study. We want that to be a significant part of our groups. (Equip, Care & Outreach) Just remember they can get a better Bible study online or on the radio. There are literally hundreds of sites, mp3s, programs they … Continue reading

Best Greek Help on the Web

If you’ve not used the Net Bible you need to check it out. It has the best help on studying the Greek on the web. Here’s the great features. Like most sites you can lookup the Bible passages and do word searches. But this site really takes off is when you go verse by verse. … Continue reading

Connecting in your Group — First Steps

We’ve had great time this winter with our short-term small groups called Galatians Groups. One of our goals with this campaign was to to have good time around the Bible & with these new relationships. We believed that if we had significant connection in meetings that we’d have the best chance that they’d want to … Continue reading


I read this verse this morning. Proverbs 13:13  He who scorns instruction will pay for it, but he who respects a command is rewarded. So much is riding on our willingness to listen. Are we willing to hear the correction that comes our way? Or do we prefer to plug our ears and walk away? … Continue reading

Best, easiest event to connect with your Group

We just had the best night with our ABF last Saturday. We did an event that was so fun and enjoyable. Our people didn’t want to leave! Mike and Cheryl Kline our ABF leader and his wife set up the night. We combined the best of the dating world: a movie and a dinner. Yep … Continue reading