NT reading for Nov 6th

God wants to speak this week. Here’s a place he probably will for you. This week we start in the book of Revelation. Watch for all the worship contained within the book. We many times look at all the prophetic words and miss the awesome beauty of the powerful worship contained in the book. Monday … Continue reading

NT reading for week of September Fourth.

This week I’ll be practicing studying the scriptures by encapsulating it with a verse that speaks the loudest to me and a sentence why. I call it One Verse One Sentence. So as I go through each chapter this week I am looking for one verse that the Lord is impressing on me. Then I … Continue reading

NT Reading for week of August 21st

Here’s a great way to dig into a passage on your own. This method is best used on just a few verses, so I’ll pick a verse for each day from the chapter that is assigned. You can always pick your own if you’re drawn to another section. I first ran into this method when … Continue reading

nt reading for week of july 31st.

Two weeks ago we did an experiment as we read. We wrote down two things. A verse that impacted us in our reading and a sentence what it said to us. One Verse, One Sentence. The process of writing down a few thought is journaling. Don’t be overwhelmed with the idea of writing reams of … Continue reading

nt reading for week of july 24th

This week read… on Monday Matthew chapter  8, then on Tuesday read chapter 9. On Wednesday read chapter 10 of Matthew. Thursday meditate on Matthew 11 and finish the week with Matthew 12 on Friday.

Friday’s 1verse, 1sentence

Psalm 71:5 For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD,     my confidence since my youth. NIV84 I was grateful again for all the ways the Lord has been my hope since I first met him!

1 verse, 1 sentence

One of the most important skills we all need is to listen and hear God’s tug on our heart as we read scripture. As we read our chapter each morning I will be focusing on finding one verse that speaks to me. The verse might be one that highlights a particular aspect of God. It … Continue reading

nt reading for week of july 17th

This week we get to read through one of the most popular sections in the Bible, the sermon on the mount. Jesus summarizes the life of a disciple, with plenty of challenges. Let’s read it with fresh eyes allowing the words to penetrate our hearts. Monday the 18th read Matt 3. Tuesday the 19th read … Continue reading

curriculum for a discipleship groups

A discipleship or accountability group is always the hardest groups to lead and form. They’ll also encourage transformation in wonderful ways. Making disciples is what we are all called to do, just look at the Great Commission. The last few months I’ve bumped into some great new curriculum options I didn’t even know were out … Continue reading

nt reading for week of July 10th

We are now half way through reading the New Testament! 52.3% on my count …but whose counting.   Monday the 11th we’ll be reading 2 Corinthians 11. Tuesday the 12th we’ll be reading 2 Corinthians 12. Wednesday we’ll be in 2 Corinthians 12 Thursday we start the Gospel of Matthew, so read chapter 1 Friday … Continue reading