I have always loved the book of Philippians. This book brings out so many themes: joy, hope, facing adversity, sacrifice, and struggling through life and yourself. Today when I dug into the Philippians 3 I found some insights I have not seen there before. Let me also preface that my life has been lately thinking a … Continue reading

interpreting scripture

Here’s a great primer on the very important subject of exegesis. This is a fancy word to say how we interpret scripture. This is our building block for any teaching we may do. Our accuracy and faithfulness to God’s Word depends on us doing it well. RC Sproul and DA Carson discuss how to strengthen … Continue reading

what am I reading?

Here’s a great article on understanding what you are reading in the Bible. It divides the Bible into three sections: God’s Plan for all people, God’s covenant People, God’s new covenant People. It’s an interesting and helpful way of organizing scripture.

Read different versions

There are so many versions of the Bible out there. It actually get confusing. has 20 different English Bibles. So which one should you use? Here’s what I did this morning I read in Romans 12 in the ESV. This is one of my favorite sections of scripture. Here’s what it says in verse … Continue reading

Another way to review

Variety spices up almost everything. Figuring out a new app or finding a new shortcut on your computer keeps you interested. Trying new food or a way to prepare it increases your enjoyment. Here’s a thought trying to get the words of the Bible into your heart in different ways really helps. My normal way … Continue reading

Rose colored glasses

I just started reading Francis Chan‘s Forgotten God. As a nice prequel he has great warning about the difference between two words: exegesis and eisegesis. Exegesis is extracting from the text the meaning. Eisegesis when we bring into the text what we think it means. The first can be scary because we must adjust to … Continue reading

Another Online Bible Resource

I just ran into another online Bible called “Just1Word.” It has some nice features that my other two favorites Net Bible and Bible Gateway don’t offer.  First the Bible can be viewed as a book, much like a Kindel. I think sometimes that is a bit better way to view the Bible. It is how … Continue reading

Net Bible notes

I’ve written before about my favorite Greek online, the Net Bible. I have it listed on my blogroll. I find it very useful for getting into the Greek and Hebrew in the Bible. See my other posts on it. Last week I was on it again and I found another cool feature on their website. … Continue reading

Your first teaching series of the year.

Let us know what you’ll be doing for your first series out of the shoot with your group. I am so excited about our Luke 6 series. It has so many tough passages on following Christ. I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses it. Curriculum will be available soon for the series that … Continue reading

Sunday recap — a story of conflict

We had a great day a couple Sundays ago. Helen shared her tough story of conflict and forgiveness. We spend a lot of time talking in abfs in a safe mode…we hear solid teaching. We can teach from a sterile environment with our lessons. There is something so powerful when we hear a story, particularly … Continue reading