Sunday Recap: Teaching a little better

Summit 10-06-06 the boss Above is the case study we used to rev up our conversation this past Sunday. I wrote about this last week. A case study is a story you write or an article you find that brings out ambiguity and the grey-ness of life. They are perfect for revealing the variety of … Continue reading

Teaching a little better

A couple weeks ago my wife shared her story of conflict growing up. She did an awesome job. She shared a few appropriate details, filled in some of the blanks and revealed a bit of her heart. There were tears by her, myself and others. Story has that kind of impact. The simple truth spoken … Continue reading

Must Use Curriculum: ReGroup

I’ve had this DVD in my closet for a few years and had only used it once. Then I pushed myself to look at it again and use in our ABF. I have really been happy with the results. We’ve had a great series helping our existing group to get reacquainted and reminded of the … Continue reading

Sunday Recap — Confrontation

It was a great day today touching on the how and why we confront. The sermon was on the same subject. In fact, for the next two weeks we’ll be on the subject of conflict resolution. Scary stuff for many. Great when we work it through. If you look to the previous post you’ll find … Continue reading

Sunday Ready — ReGroup week 6

There really is so many ways to use this ReGroup DVD. The first few times I reviewed this curriculum I missed the two longer lessons on conflict and confrontation. This is such a good issue to tackle for groups because everyone will go through it. It’s really just a matter of time before folks rub … Continue reading

Sunday Recap – ReGroup week 5

We had another great time together in our ABF this Sunday. Instead of moving on to new information we backtracked on the previous week’s Five Habits. We had time two weeks ago to talk about the 5 habits, but not thoroughly discuss them. So we set out to work through the five habits: Care, Safety, … Continue reading

Sunday Ready — ReGroup Week 4

This week we’ll be watching from Session 2 Segment 1. It has two parts to it. There’s a drama and then a bit of teaching on five habits that strengthen a group. Here’s my handout. Regroup-week4 Here’s where I’m heading this Sunday. We will spend sometime watching the drama which last until the 7:04 mark … Continue reading

Sunday Recap – ReGroup week 2

This was another good week in our ABF as we worked through the DVD series ReGroup. We had great discussion groups. I had to make some adjustments on the fly. I simply had too much. We watched from Session 1 Segment 2 about 6 of the 12 minute video clips. There was a nice break … Continue reading

Sunday Prep — ReGroup part 1

I’m looking at doing the Re-Group DVD series in my ABF for the next few weeks. There’s good content on the why & how of groups. This DVD is done by three guys I really respect in the groups world: Bill Donohue, Henry Cloud & John Townsend. This week’s lesson in on “why community.” There’s … Continue reading

Sunday follow up – gal5

Context, context, context. One of the first lessons in understanding a text is context. I was reminded of this interpreting device this Sunday as I taught. We were in Galatians 5:13-26. This is the great passage on the fruit of the Spirit. I’ve always loved this list of godly characteristics. I’ve taught from it, shared … Continue reading