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Discipleship should be our bread and butter talent in every church. Yet it is tricky endeavor. It is complicating because people learn so differently and the church has so many ways to impact. Even if a church gets it, there is always room to build and improve. Sometimes solid places must be reinforced or made over. Needs and times change so we must adjust to continue to impact.

My Vision:

Serving and coaching an intentional discipleship movement within the church.

I serve with Church Discipleship Ministry (CDM), a ministry of The Navigators. For over 75 years the Navs have served the body of Christ to strengthen discipleship in a variety of venues: collegiate, military, international, metro to name a few. The goal of CDM is to help pastors and churches learn the principles of discipleship so that every member can be a disciple and a disciple-maker.

It starts with the pastoral assistance I can lend, which includes: disciple-making strategies, groups coaching and pastoral coaching. This assessment can begin the process of evaluation. Gaining clarity on the components that can build a disciple-making culture aids to simply strategy.

The church leadership can also be a part of the process of reinforcing discipleship. My experience at The Chapel serving as their Pastor of Community Groups and the wealth of experience from the Navs can be used to strategize and implement a discipleship movement that is tailored specifically to your church context.

My Pathways: Pastoral Coaching & Workshops

Pastoral Coaching is the best place to start. The process involves helping the pastor to consider the present state of disciple-making and dreaming a vision for the future. In other words, where they are at and where they’d like to be. Coaching allows for a period of time to learn new strategies and practices. Over coffee or at lunch much can be unpacked.  It will also examine the pastor’s personal impact through discipling. Perhaps the greatest value of coaching is clarity and a process. So much is on a pastor’s plate and developing excellence in disciple-making can be confusing.

Is a coach just like a consultant? It is different than consulting because a consultant comes in and leaves with their evaluation. A coach will continue the relationship and assist in coming together with the best options that fit the church’s context. The relationship and assistance continue over the long run.

Workshops  can be a powerful push for your your ministry as more people get involved in the learning and paradigm shifts that disciple-making requires.

Here’s a sampling of the workshops I’ve done. Contact me at to schedule.

The Ways of The Alongsider. Learn the five principles for powerful disciple-making. Everyone can play in the sandbox of discipleship. This workshop will encourage those just starting to disciple others and challenge the seasoned discipler. Bill Mowry‘s book experienced first hand.

Healthy Groups. This workshop covers the formula for a strong, growing community group. It focuses on the 3 basic elements of a group and the other ingredients that put groups in position to be vibrant. This is a great workshop for leaders of all levels of experience. workshop appx 1 hour

Nurturing Your Relationship with Christ. It all begins with our walk with Christ. Yet, how do you get your life in Christ moving and growing? We look at the issues that propel your experience with Jesus. This workshop is helpful for those younger or inexperienced in the spiritual disciplines. workshop appx 1 hour

Teacher Training 1. Here we look into lesson preparation. How do you study a text and put into a lesson. We cover study habits, the Big Idea & Hook, Book, Look, Took. This class is an aid to the beginner in teaching the Bible. workshop appx 3 hours

Teacher Training 2. This seminar takes the elements from TT1 and builds further upon Hook, Book, Look, Took. We help participants understand how build curriculum around three objectives. Additionally, we discuss how to ask effective questions. Bad questions can hurt any meeting. Leaders who’ve taught a bit will benefit from this session. workshop appx 3 hours

2 Responses to “Navigator Church Ministries”
  1. Rev, James Michigan Roy says:

    Esteem Sir, My Christian & warm greetings to you, I would like to Interest and also Invite you to come & visit of my beloved Country and open your Ministry, Sir I will join in your Training Center for equip & experting of my Ministry in Bangladesh, Kindly give me an opportunity to attend the training and send me the Information also an Admission Form of your desk, So I therefore, Request you to help & allow for Training, Best,Regards, James Roy

    • Dane says:

      Pastor Roy I am going to connect you with a friend of mine. He has ministry connections in Bangladesh. They will be contacting you soon. God Bless.

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