every group with a ministry

Ministry Opportunities

לשרת (Hebrew-“to serve”)

“As you have sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.” John 17:1

Q. Why is outreach so important?

A. The dead sea has input, but no output…it’s dead.

In-reach & outreach are essential to community. We need to receive

and to give. It’s part of the way God designed us.

Every H/ABF is stronger when they think outside of the group. And,

outward focus always leads to more vibrant, healthy community


Test it out. Pick one of the ministries listed below to adopt or connect

to and see if it helps your H/ABF to strengthen itself.

What’s involved? Find out more! Connect … Serve.

😀 Watch some of our own H/ABF members reaching out!!!

FOSTER PARENT RELIEF – watch foster kids for a few hours

*Contact Meredith Kober: 330.606.1894

INTERNATIONAL DINNERS – get to know international students

*Visit link above, or contact Todd Schreiner:
330.315.5655 or todd.schreiner@the-chapel.org

KAREN PEOPLE HELP – furniture needs

*Contact Carol Beasley: 330.603.3620
or Penny Arnold: 330.668.1840, 330.990.3500

MISSIONS HOUSES NEED HELP – repair, yard work, paint

*Contact Bob Schneider: 330.315.5470 or bob.schneider@the-chapel.org

FIRST GLANCE – programs for kids/teens

*Visit link above for more details!


OPEN M – neighborhood based ministry

*Visit link above for more details!


WAY OUT PRISON MINISTRIES – share Christ in jails, prisons, and half way houses

*Visit link above for more details!


THROUGH THE ROOF MINISTRIES – share the gospel with the underprivileged/disabled

*Visit link above for more details!


THE SALVATION ARMY – help our communities

*Visit link above for more details!



CAMP CARL – volunteer at camp

*Visit link above for more info!



CHAPEL KIDS’ MINISTRY – help lead the next generation

*For more info on how to volunteer contact

Marie: 330.315.5490 or marie.slovisky@the-chapel.org


PREGNANCY SUPPORT CENTER (STARK) – support women in a crisis pregnancy

*Visit link above for details!


SAMARITAN’S PURSE – help with Operation Christmas Child & other ministries

*Visit link above for more info!


REFUGE OF HOPE – help out at this inner-city, Canton homeless shelter

*Visit link above for more info!


SHELTER CARE – help give direction to troubled youth

*Visit link above for more info!




*Visit link above for details!


URBAN MINISTRIES – serve with The Chapel’s Urban Ministry team

*Visit link above for details or contact

Lisa: 330.315.5520 or lisa.marshall@the-chapel.org


VOLUNTEER CENTRAL – sign up for volunteer opportunities within The Chapel


*Visit link above to sign up!


SOUTH STREET MINISTRIES – make God’s kingdom a greater influence in the lives of Akron residents

*Visit link above for details!


ADOPT A MISSIONARY – pray for, communicate with, and host missionaries all over!

*For more information, contact Judi Walton: 330.315.5473 or judi.walton@the-chapel.org









































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